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Matheson calls on pollies to support 65 Roses Day



Today is 65 Roses Day and Macarthur MP Russell Matheson has encouraged his parliamentary colleagues to jump on board and support the cause.

In a 90-second-statement to the House of Representatives yesterday, Mr Matheson said some very special children in his electorate were raising awareness about cystic fibrosis this week.

 “There are more than 80 people living with CF in Macarthur and most of them are children,” Mr Matheson said.

“Earlier this year I was brought to tears when I heard 12-year-old Julia Free from Elderslie speak about her condition.

“Julia said that, even though CF was a big part of her everyday life, she would not let it define who she was. She does not want people to think she is special because she has CF; she just wants to be herself.

“And—while she hates the hospital visits, going to clinic, missing school, the coughing attacks, surgery and having drugs pumped through a line in her arm—Julia considers herself lucky to have a family and community that love her and are helping her raise money to find a cure.

“I encourage everyone in this place to make a donation towards 65 Roses Day tomorrow so that Julia's one wish can come true: that CF will soon stand for one thing—cure found.”

 In his speech Mr Matheson also gave his colleagues an insight into the condition which effects more than 3,000 Australians today.

“Cystic Fibrosis is the most common, life-threatening, recessive genetic condition affecting Australian children and young adults today,” Mr Matheson said.

“There are about 3,000 people living with the condition in Australia.

“CF seriously affects breathing and digestion, and sufferers need up to two hours of intensive chest physio daily to help break up the mucus in their lungs so they can breathe. They also take up to 40 enzyme tablets to help with digestion every day just to survive.

“The average life expectancy of someone with CF is now in their mid-30s, but there are still many children who do not reach adulthood and, sadly, there is no cure. In Australia, one in every 2,500 babies will be born with CF and there are one million genetic carriers.”

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