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Macarthur let down by a bad budget: Matheson



Macarthur residents have been let down by a bad budget – Macarthur MP Russell Matheson told Parliament today.

In his speech, Mr Matheson said the people of Macarthur were honest, hard working people who wanted nothing but the best for their children and the future generations of our community.

“They have high hopes for a strong economy for their country that will provide more jobs and greater opportunities for all Australians,” Mr Matheson said.

And while they are working hard to pay off their mortgages and balance the family budget, they are becoming fed up with a government that continues with its wasteful spending and incompetence.

“Because, while the people of Macarthur are trying to decrease their debt and cut down their credit limits, this government has increased the nation’s credit card by $50billion to $300billion. And it’s only been five short years since Labor came to office in 2007, inheriting a debt ceiling of zero.

“It’s no wonder the people of Macarthur are fed up with this government which is continuing to borrow more than $100 million per day. This is the fourth Labor deficit in four years, which together total $174 billion.

Interest payments on Labor’s debt alone is set to reach an alarming $8 billion per year – that’s $22 million a day on interest payments alone. And who do they think is going to pay off this debt? This debt will be left for our children - the future generations of Australia to pay off. It’s just not good enough.

“The people of Macarthur can see through the spin surrounding this budget. A budget which includes the world’s biggest carbon tax; cynical bribes to soften the impact of the tax; broken promises on corporate tax cuts; higher unemployment; blow-outs in the cost of border protection; an under-funded NDIS;  and equity funding for the NBN which is being kept ‘off budget’.

“The families in my electorate are feeling the pinch from this government’s waste and mismanagement.  The rising cost of living is a major factor affecting families, pensioners, self-funded retirees, small businesses and home owners in Macarthur. Many have contacted my office concerned about the impacts of the carbon tax on their electricity and grocery bills.

“And things will only get worse with the world’s biggest carbon tax set to hit families, jobs and investment very soon. The Budget papers confirm that despite falling international prices, the carbon tax will go up to $29 a tonne in just three years and an additional $36million will be spent on taxpayer-funded carbon tax advertising over the next two years…”

Mr Matheson also spoke about Macarthur small business, seniors, the NDIS, the NBN, the prospect of a second Sydney Airport at Wilton and the Coalition’s plans for a strong economic future.   

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